Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My favorite so far

This is my favorite so far of the ceramic figures. Shes awesome! Shes got a bird in flight on her shoulder, what more does she need to be completely amazing? Well, shes got three crested birds which im sure are either blue jays or cardinals (we will see when they are glazed). She also has a natural scene down by where her feet would be, it features a rose, and leaflets and a little plant w/stem, they are all really sort of like allegories to my childhood growing up in Virginia - specifically the time in suffolk with all the woodlands surrounding us, this is why the plants and birds are included (though the number of birds alludes to something else).

If you look closely you will see her legs and arms are not fully formed, or rather differently formed, its funny because I actually am depicting the figure just as I imagine it in this case, with the overall shape of the body, less boxy in general, a nice round belly, breasts not too high up, perfect! The arms and legs are turning into tree limbs, one arm which goes around her back, connects to the other, and the sides have support pieces of clay which resemble roots, its like my plant daphnes are back. I Im very curious to see how all of these gray figures will look when stark white.

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