Thursday, September 29, 2011

Once you go CAMP you never go back!

Hitching a ride on the subject of the last blog are these four new figures. Kitsch, camp, folk, yes they are all of these. Frivolous subject matter, naive aesthetic?
Perhaps, but the flowers are abundant and the figures lovely. Love and abundance are really the things that are best to focus on in our lives as what we focus on multiplies (this includes problems so remember that!) I may eat these words one day, but I will never do "serious art" or anything political. I love my version of kitsch, If a figure is monochromatic its because I felt she looked better that way, not because I am trying to be a "serious" artist, what does that really mean anyway? If anything I'm a fun artist and this is reflected in the works, no matter their size, style, or subject matter.

So, onto the figures! These are so fun to color because instead of everyone being super sculpey beige all the time, or mixing beige and brown/white to create different skin tones, I can do it easily with paint on these bisque clay figures which are made with white low fire clay. The more coats of brown "water" the darker they get, its so much fun, the way the paint goes on is like creating a water color painting.

Below check out the little boy I made holding a daisy.

Below, a nude female figure holding red roses.
(shes currently for auction on Ebay)

This figure is actually holding tiny potted lilies.

I saved the best for last! This girls hat/hair thing is crazy! Its spiraling all around her head, and then has a separate spun circle attached near the front! Its awesome, more hats and masks for future figures me thinks!
So she is holding an attractive array of miniature flowers including calla lilies.
its important for me to include a photo of them in my hands sometimes because they appear clear in the photos and sometimes HUGE, when in fact these in particular are little itty bitys which are extremely charming.

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